When should I start Maternally Fit classes?

You can start Maternally Fit classes at any time before the 30th week of your pregnancy, provided you do not have any complications that preclude you from attending our classes. Starting at around the 10-14 week mark would be ideal, as this gives you plenty of time to make gains in strength and fitness before the arrival of your baby. If you are planning a pregnancy, you are welcome to start classes before becoming pregnant.

What happens at my first class?

Your first class is a FREE Introductory class, where you have a chance to experience a Maternally Fit class and decide whether it is for you.
As we have a limited number of spaces per class, you must PRE-BOOK your first class. We will then send you a Client Information form to complete and bring to your class. After your class, you can then decide whether you want to join the program.

How much do Maternally Fit classes cost?

Classes are purchased in a block.  The more classes you purchase, the cheaper they are per class.  Prices range from £11-17 per class, depending on how many classes you buy.

How do I join Maternally Fit?

To join the Maternally Fit program, you must commit to attending weekly (outside holidays). Classes are pre-paid and pre-booked, and if you are unable to attend a class, you must notify us in advance, otherwise you will be charged for that class.

How long can I participate in classes?

You can continue to attend classes right up until your delivery date if you feel comfortable exercising. During the last weeks of your pregnancy, your instructor will be able to modify exercises to make them easier for you, if required.

What happens after I have had my baby?

When you feel ready, you are welcome to return to Maternally Fit classes. For most women, this will be about 4-6 weeks after birth. Although you can continue classes for as long as you like, you will eventually feel ready to start more ‘mainstream’ fitness classes. But Maternally Fit classes are a good way of getting you back into exercise in a safe, supervised environment.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Helen at Maternally Fit via email info@maternallyfit.co.uk or via phone on 07788 650 802.

Links To Companies We Associate With:

Exercise Balls

Escape Fitness www.escapefitness.co.uk supply us with the best fitballs around - the DuraBall Pro.  Ask your physio which size is best for you.

Maternity Active Wear 

For maternity active wear that helps you to look good, feel good and stay active visit https://fittamamma.com/ a discount code is available for Maternally Fit customers 

Women's Health Physiotherapy services

One of our physios, Rebecca, has set up her own mobile physiotherapy service, specialising in pregnancy, pelvic floor and general musculo-skeletal problems.  See www.natus-physiotherapy.co.uk for details.

Another of our physios, Charlotte, consults at Pools on the Park in Richmond, specialising in a wide range of conditions including pregnancy-related back and pelvic pain.  See www.charlottephysio.co.uk for details.